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The Script Jeans

The Script Jeans

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One of a kind, handcrafted, customized jeans. Actual pockets included. Pug not included.

These are thrifted jeans, reworked to be wide-leg with a little flare. The insert fabric is a lightweight canvas.


OPTION 1 - Available Now: I have one pair that's ready to go right now. These started out as regular taper Levis, and were almost certainly "men's" jeans in their previous life because their pockets can fit my whole hand (see video for demo). These jeans did not come with a size tag, so please check the measurements in the pictures to ensure fit.
PLEASE NOTE this particular pair of custom jeans have some imperfections, which are shown in the photos and are reflected in the price. I will NOT accept returns for things that are clearly shown in the photos. Thanks for understanding.

OPTION 2 - Made to Order: Is the Available Now pair not your size? I'll make one that is! We will have a conversation about your requirements, and it will take me about 2 weeks to get your custom pair of script jeans made and shipped out to you.


The Script insert fabric is a limited option! I have enough to make 3 more pairs. After that, it will be gone.

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