oh hi

I'm the artist behind The Feral Bones.
I talk more about myself in my substack blog. Check it out, if that's what you're looking for.

I'm definitely a person, not a hollyhock.
In case that's not clear.

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About the Feral Bones


Hi, I'm Katy. I'm the author/apothecary/artist behind the Feral Bones. 


Some things you'll see here, if you hang around a bit: 

  • I create all the original art here. I write, I harvest plants, and I paint. 
  • I also sew sometimes. And I partake in a regular rotation of other artforms. You'll see a few.
  • I charge the same price for an item of clothing regardless of the size selected.
  • I intentionally avoid gendering my clothing. It's for humans. All of them. Wear whatever the fuck makes you happy.
  • I'm a bit of a nihilist, especially when the depression hits, but I'm also mostly an optimist, especially when I remember I'm alive. 
  • I'm an animist and I value kindness, which I practice with wild abandon.
  • I'm more than a bit feral.