About the Feral Bones

My name is Katy. 

My brand celebrates the raw and imperfect beauty of humanity and the world around us. Here, we embrace the wildness within us and channel it into something both honest and elegant.

I believe that the things we surround ourselves with should be functional, but they should also bring us joy and inspiration. I am most inspired by the perfectly imperfect beauty of the natural world, and my products reflect that inspiration. Each piece is designed to bring a little bit of the wild into your life.

Some notes:

  • I create all the original art here. I write, I harvest plants, and I paint. 
  • I also sew. And I partake in a regular rotation of other artforms. You'll see a few.
  • I charge the same price for an item of clothing regardless of the size selected.
  • I intentionally avoid gendering my clothing. It's for humans. Wear whatever the fuck makes you happy.
  • I'm an animist and I value kindness, which I practice with wild abandon.
  • I'm more than a bit feral.

 Refuse domestication.