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agave americana seeds

agave americana seeds

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Wildcrafted (foraged) agave seeds from Bisbee, Arizona, USA.

The agave plant shown above is in my garden; these seeds were foraged from other local plants of the same species (agave americana); the seeds shown are some of the actual seeds I foraged.

Please note that these seeds can be ordered either loose or still in the pod. If you would like loose seeds, I will count out 30 of them and send them to you in a packet.

If you prefer to receive your seeds still in the pod, I will send 3 pods. If you choose pods: I cannot guarantee the number of seeds in each pod. There could be 2 seeds or 80 in each pod - there's no way for me to find out without cracking them open. I will not send an empty pod (you can tell there are seeds inside by shaking the pod and listening for the sound of the seeds knocking around). Also know that these are wild-foraged pods and most have holes from birds or insects. 

All parts of the agave plant can be used; if you're interested in ordering other parts of an agave plant, please contact me. I'd be happy to harvest them for you.

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