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golden poppy seeds

golden poppy seeds

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Hand-harvested golden poppy seeds, from my garden in Bisbee, Arizona, USA. All pictures were taken by me, of the actual flowers harvested.

One order of seeds contains at least 20 seeds.

My garden is completely chemical-free, and I only use my own (vegan) compost for fertilizer. Please feel free to contact me with questions about my growing, harvesting, and preparing processes.

These are golden poppies (aka California poppy, eschscholzia californica). Poppy petals make a mild tea that is not caffeinated (it's herbal). You can also throw these petals in with your favorite tea. They have a mildly sweet, savory flavor.

I love these plants for their bright yellow flowers that bloom early in the spring here in the Sonoran Desert. They're the first wildflowers I see every year, and they make me happy.

Don't want to grow it yourself? I have poppy tea available too!

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